Speed Up Your Mozilla Firefox 40 to 100 Times Faster

I am back with a very useful trick , How to increasing the browsing speed of your Mozilla Firefox browser .

by this trick you can speed up your browser speed from 40 to 100 times faster .

Steps :

  • Open your Mozilla Firefox Browser .
  • Write in address bar " about:config " and click on continue .
After that you will see a page like this 
  • Search for " network.http.pipelining " , its Value will be " false " by defualt , so double click on it and make it  " true " .
  • Next search for " network.http.proxy.pipelining " and make it " true " , as you did in last step .
  • Next Search for " network.http.pipelining.maxrequests " and double click on it and change the integer value to 60 , 50 , 100 whatever you want . 
Last Step : 

Right Click anywhere on the screen ad select new --- > integer .

and put the integer value to " 0 " . Restart your browser and you are done .

For any problem just drop me a Hi in comments , i write this article in hurry . :) 



Really It's Work friends...try it...

I tried making a new integer value but I need to enter a preference name AND a value. What do i use as the name?

@Deson Allente.. Just Put Value 0(zero)
And use any name What u want..

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