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[FREE] Get Neflix for FREE for unlimited time! [Tutorial]

Hello, this is a method to get FREE Netflix for unlimited time!

1. All you want to do is make your way to http://netflix.com - It should say "Start your free month" like this:

Click that.

2. It will then take you to a page that says to enter your information like this:

3. Enter the correct information.
Now it should take you to a page that says "Start your free month! Cancel online anytime you want.

4.What you then want to do is enter a credit/debit card or login to your PayPal (THIS WILL NOT CHARGE YOU).
Once you have entered it click "I agree to the above conditions and the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy." and click "Start Membership"

5. It should then show a page that says "Welcome back to Netflix! or Welcome to Netflix!" now you want to click "Continue"

6. It should take you to a servey or something and device selection, you don't have to fill out the survey and you can select your device easily. Then click "Done".
You then want to visit: https://movies.netflix.com/CancelPlan this will cancel the bill for the next month but keep the Netflix running until the month is over.

7. Click "Cancel streaming plan"

8. And there you go FREE Netflix! You can do this unlimited times! Just MAKE SURE you cancel the plan after making it before doing anything!

Bypass School Browsing Restrictions

Welcome to another tutorial made by me. This tutorial will provide a quick and easy way to bypass a school/work proxy filter and allow you to browse any site you want.
Things You Will Need

Maxthon Webbrowser (Possibly Not Needed Depending On Your Schools Security Level

Step 1.
Install The Browser (On A USB if your school disallows C:\ and/or D:\ drive installs

Step 2.
In the URL type about:config

Step 3.
Choose Advanced

Step 4.
Tick the Customize Useragent String box (At the bottom of the page)

Step 5.
Copy and paste in this code


Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +http://www.google.com/bot.html)
(rarely used): Googlebot/2.1 (+http://www.google.com/bot.html)

Your Useragent box should now look like this

Step 6.
Click anywhere on the page and it should show Settings Saved

This allows you to browse freely and your traffic will be sent as a google crawler, which also has the added benefit of letting you see pages that you need to be logged in for (If they aren't disallowed in robots.txt)

Thats It..

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