How to Use Command Prompt to Make Windows 7 Genuine

Recently, I shared a post on how anyone can use a simple software to Activate Windows 7 and Make it Genuine for free. So today, I want to share how Windows 7 can be made genuine by using command prompt.

To get a genuine Windows 7 is expensive so most people go for the pirated one and once installed on your machine, you’ll get an error message that “Windows 7 is not genuine”. If Windows 7 is not genuine, you won’t have access to some features such as changing your background wallpaper and any other display related options. 

Steps to make Windows 7 Genuine using Command Prompt

1. Launch your command prompt as Administrator

2. When the command prompt appears, type SLMGR –REARM and then press enter


3. A dialogue box will appear with the message “Command completed successfully. Please restart the system for changes to take effect.


Now, you’re done and your Windows 7 operating system is Genuine. You now have access to the features you were denied access to at first.

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