How To Tweet More than 140 Character In Twitter

The one thing you must know about twitter is you can tweet more than 140 characters , Yes this is true . Twitter is one of the best social site to express your thoughts via tweets . My one Friend who use twitter daily he asked me a question " How can i tweet more than 140 character "   .

Ok Come to point How to tweet more than 140 characters .
Actually twitter allows you to tweet only 140 characters but there are some apps by using them you can  tweet more than 140 characters .  But before starting i want you to know how this works . There are some apps which splits your longer tweet into several parts and tweet them one by one and there are some apps which convert your tweet into image form , as you know in new twitter we can post images :)

Apps Which Allows you to Post more than 140 Characters .

MAXItweet : Using this Website you can tweet around 200 characters :) Still better than 140 ? 

ezTweets  : ezTweets divide your longer tweets into several parts and post them one by one so readers can easily read your longer tweet. 

Long-Tweets.com  : Well the working  of this app is little different from others , this converts your long tweets into image and post on your twitter wall as image . 

Twi Short  : Like Maxitweet it also allows you to post more than 140 character :) . just go there and sign in with twitter . 

Tweetcut.com  : my favorite app which is use sometimes , this is actually perform the same task as you do while writing your text :) , it cut down your tweets by using some common abbreviations such as " u - your , c - see , you - u " etc .  

Jumbo Tweets : Everything is clear from the name " Jumbo " . Now go to the website and sign in with twitter , now write your 3 or 4 pages long story and post it on your twitter wall .  

There are also many other website which do the same task bu i recommend the above apps , because i tried them and they are working fine . :) 

If you know any other nice website then please let us know via Comment :) . 
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