Make Window 7 Genuine Using RemoveWat and Loader

Everyone wants Genuine Windows but they have to spend some money to get genuine copy of windows so most of us use its pirated copy well i am one of them i myself use the pirated copy of windows. So I thought it would be awesome if i share this tool with you that makes your pirated windows into genuine for free.  I have two tools , both have same work they both works fine . Its up to you which tool you want to use . Before staring the tutorial i want you guys to must share this with your family and friends .

How to make Windows 7 Genuine 

I am providing you two tools for free named RemoveWat and Loader . I will give you the tutorial of both the tools . Actually its so easy to use .  I want to start with RemoveWat because i personally like this one  . 

Download the Windows 7 Loader and RemoveWat from the below Links . 
Check the snapshot of  Pirated Windows .

Make window 7 Genuine by using RemoveWat 

RemoveWat works with windows 7 sp1 , Windows 7 ultimate , Windows 7 Professional , Windows 7 Home Basic etc.

Download RemoveWat from above link and Follow the simple steps . 
  • Close all your firewall and antivirus and run this tool as administrative privileges .
  • Open RemoveWat and wait till you see a successfull completion .   

  • Restart your Computer/ laptop .
  • Check the Properties . 
Congrats you have genuine copy of windows 7 .

Make window 7 Genuine By using Loader .

  • Download the Loader . Click on Install.
  • It will take 2 or 3 minutes to install .
  • Restart your computer and take a look at your computer properties . 
Check the below snapshot of my genuine windows . 

So do you like this tool ? Please let me know in comments . your comments means alot to us .

Till then enjoy , will see you soon with great trick :] .

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