Best Password To Protect Your Facebook Accounts From Hackers

Many people mailing me to ask what kind of password they should have for their Email accounts for social networking sites. Ok here i am with the article in this article i will tell u what kind of password you need to protect your password. But before that lets have a laughing session.Here is a list of people with some funny facts:-
A boyfriend will be having password like Bike’s Number, Car’s Number , And yaa how i can skip that their Girl Friends Name or her cell no :P . So its very easy to guess this kind of password if you knw the guy a bit.
Second max people who comes under email hacking are business man and mostly married people  whoa re having their passwords like Wife’s Name, iluvmywife, Name of their children and this kind of ..

Well I suggest you shoudl have a complex password or robust password.
Complex Password :- *&@M!T&*
Robust Password:- *ilmip4*  [* i luv my iphone 4 *] this is a best password which is difficult to guess bcz at first look it has no meaning.
I suggest you to all that always use some tippcle numbers and letters like !@#$^&*()}":>?<
it helps you to make strong Your password.. 


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